The Disruption

I Aten’t Dead!

Some of you will have noticed that I more or less disappeared halfway through the Republic of Thieves read-along. At that point, I started stressing about midterms and moving, and then the rest of 2013 just flew by. I’ve been so drained of energy that I haven’t even liked the thought of opening Word and starting to write. I’ve been in need of a break.

Well, I’ve had a break now, and I feel ready to return to blogging! I already do it on tumblr, and if any of my readers are there I hope you get in touch! All Lynch fans may be interested to know that during the fall the Gentleman Bastards Chat started happening, first on tinychat and now on IRC. The chat is open all day, every day, but Friday is the official day that sees most of the traffic. Everyone is welcome to join – instructions on how to find us can be found here.

I will wrap up the year as usual. There will be a list of books read and the reveal of WOW of the year. I’ll ponder on how and what I read during the year, the whys and why nots, and take a look at what might be happening in 2014.

So see you guys in a couple of days! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that your New Year’s will be cracking!

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