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Operation Classic: Wuthering Heights

I finished it! I finally finished Wuthering Heights! BRING ON ALL THE MOVIE ADAPTATIONS I CAN FINALLY WATCH THEM!

I’m actually glad I haven’t read it before. I started it some years ago, but was put off by Joseph’s dialect which at the time was a tad too challenging for me. And a good thing I put it off because I’m pretty sure I would have missed a whole lot.

What is on the top of my mind at the moment is the way people always talk about Wuthering Heights in terms of a love story. In a way it is, yes, but I did not by any means think much of it. Cathy and Heathcliff barely share any page time.

About halfway through the book I found all the characters massively annoying, particularly either Catherine and Nelly the Narrator. Then I started to appreciate the way Heathcliff is written; he’s really determined to get his revenge on everything and everyone in it and will ruthlessly destroy everything in his way. It’s actually really good. I understand why people like the character.

The character who finally managed to make their way into my heart was Hareton Earnshaw. There’s something there, to make a reference to Disney while wanting to compare Hareton a bit to the Beast. There’s an unrefinement, under which there’s a will to please, and a rather earnest love and loyalty. Yeah, Hareton is my favourite of the characters.

To conclude, I want to mention how much I actually liked this book. I didn’t expect to, but I did. If the narrative technique was the same as employed by Charlotte Brontë, I would say I prefer Wuthering Heights to Jane Eyre, something I didn’t think I would say. Of course, they are very different. What greatly appeals to me in Wuthering Heights is the way a couple’s stubbornness leads to the destruction of the happiness of more or less all. It’s rather beautiful, in its way.

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Excuses and Explanations

Hello blogosphere!

I’ll start by saying how absolutely embarrassed I am for being very lazy and not updating; two months’ worth of books have gone unreviewed. I worked rather intensely for those months, and when I finally started my summer vacation in the last week of August my exchange was growing so very near I had a million things to do and couldn’t be bothered to think of books I’d read weeks and weeks and weeks ago.

Indeed, I leave for Cardiff early on Friday this week. There is no knowing when I will have reliable Internet access, so I’m putting this blog on a little break; I’ll see how I feel about blogging when A) I have Internet access and B) I know what school is going to be like. I’m also hoping to do a lot of travelling and socializing during these four months and therefore am likely to be scarce on the Internet. We’ll see how my reclusive Finnish nature takes to it all, though.

As an offering of apologies, I will post here my very, very fresh thoughts on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, also just now posted on my tumblr page.

I hope you all have a nice fall! Do not catch the flu that’s going around! I did, and am not enjoying myself one whit!

Yours, with all the love,


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