Adventures: The Edinburgh Experience and Haul

Lawnmarket, Edinburgh

So. I spent a few days in Edinburgh, from Friday to Wednesday. I staid with a friend who’s there on exchange, and we had such a good time! She showed me around town, introduced me to some of her friends, and advised me on getting around whenever she couldn’t be there to show me by the hand. Thank you, dearie!

This post will cover a couple of things that are of interest to me, and maybe even to my readers. At least I hope so! And let me apologise in advance for photodumping this post.

The first thing I think when I know I’m going to the UK is, “Books!” Living in Finland, you get a decent amount of books in English (at least compared to a lot of other European countries), but let’s face it, having a bookstore that is filled entirely with books in English is an Anglophile’s heaven. The first whole day I spent in Edi therefore included finding the main bookstores. Later in the week, while walking towards Arthur’s Seat (which we didn’t climb) we discovered a very nice second hand bookstore. There are lots of them in Edinburgh, actually, but this one was very neat and approachable. Absolutely loved it.

The books bought – top one was for my brother

Second thing I think when preparing for UK is HMV. This time I didn’t find most of the series I wanted – but guess what! The LotR trilogy special extended edition DVD box set was half price! I’ve been hunting for it, and there it sat, bless the little thing, like it was just waiting for me! (Also hauled both seasons of Downton Abbey and two first seasons of Hustle. Should have gotten the third one, too, I think…)

The box set took a lot of room in my bag…

To all who watch QI and know the people who frequent it – we saw David Mitchell at Blackwell’s. Yes. He has recently written a book, called Back Story – A Memoir and was signing there. I don’t do hardbacks, and it was expensive, so I didn’t buy the book and get it signed and talk to him, but we saw him. And that makes me insanely happy.

The Castle on a clear day from Princes St

Third thing I enjoyed a whole lot was Edinburgh Castle. It was a very foggy day, and so the view was virtually non-existent, but there was so much to see that I pretty much forgot to worry about panorama views. The National War Museum was so great I spent about an hour there – we’ll just call it research for the final paper, right? I took notes on all the Waterloo stuff! There was also the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Regimental Museum, as well as the Royal Scots Regimental Museum, although I didn’t enjoy them as thoroughly. They’re worth a look though, if you’re into this sort of thing!

The Castle on a not so clear day from the Castle Esplanade.

Other interesting spots, particularly for the bookworms, are the Writers’ Museum and the Elephant House. Writers’ Museum was disappointingly small, although the building was charming.

I almost didn’t find the museum, it was so small.

The Elephant House, for those who don’t know it, is “the birthplace of Harry Potter”, which for a Potterhead like me was an absolute must.

Tea and shortcake at the Elephant House.

The bathrooms of the Elephant House are covered with quotes and thanks to J.K. Rowling.

Holyrood Palace is also worth visiting. Beautiful views from the garden!

I really recommend Edinburgh. It’s charming, easy to move around (everything is within walking distance) and very interesting.


Tomorrow, I’m going to the Book Fair! A day of browsing, listening to panels and making an idiot out of myself trying to talk to authors! It’s going to be fun! More about it on Saturday – unless after party goes absolutely crazy.


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2 responses to “Adventures: The Edinburgh Experience and Haul

  1. Love the foggy picture it’s very atmospheric.
    Will be interested on your thoughts about I Lucifer. I have the book but have not read it.
    Lynn 😀

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