Oh gods. Lynn has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you, Lynn! Perfect timing too, since I just finished reading my last books for both pro-sem and text analysis and thus have reserved the afternoon for things fun.

I don’t actually know much about the Liebster Award, only that you award it to one or more up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers and that you enjoy reading.

It would appear the decent thing is to tell five facts about yourself, answer five questions, and then come up with five new questions, to be answered by the blogger(s) to whom the award is then given. I’ve been told to feel free about bending the rules, so I’m going to do so by refusing to come up with questions of my own. (My questions tend to be rather lame.)

So on to business! Here be five facts about me:

1)   I tend to get obsessed. When I like something, I really, really like it. These spells can be really short and fade when I’ve sort of exhausted the whole business by finding out everything there is to know about the thing, but they can also be very long, as with Harry Potter. I don’t really feel comfortable if I have nothing to enthuse over. Some of the obsessions are recurring, surfacing when there is something new or any stimuli, like with Lord of the Rings. Current obsessions would be Vanity Fair and the Regency period and BBC’s Sherlock (I really need to blog about it one of these days) and particularly the character Sebastian Moran.

2)   There’s been very little time to watch TV lately, and people are usually disappointed when talking TV with me, because I don’t really follow series like CSI, True Blood, X-Files… Anything like that. Then again, I’m also always disappointed, because no one else seems to watch all the British detective stuff. I’m absolutely hooked on Lewis, New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, all the Agatha Christie adaptations, Sherlock Holmes, and the like. Saturday evening is the best TV time, as they run the Brits here then. (Don’t watch Scott & Bailey though, even though it has Rupert Graves. It’s too concentrated on the private lives of the characters. I want the crime.)

3)   I like weird languages. I don’t know many, but I would love to. I speak only two languages fluently – English and Finnish – and can sort of cope in one – Swedish – but other than that I don’t really speak anything. I studied Latin for several years, so understand it so some extent, and am now on a course for Old Welsh, which is absolutely fantastic. I’ve also tried to study Old English on my own, but with very little success. I wanted to start Hungarian this year, but unfortunately the course clashed tragically with television studies…

4)   Never had pets. Would love to have a dog. I did horseback riding for a few years and loved it. Was a dog sitter for about a year and a half. I did these workweek things in 8th and 9th grade at a cowshed, and fell in love with goats. My step mom used to have two dogs, and my stepsister currently has two. I love them to bits. One day, I’ll have one. An Icelandic sheep dog or a Belgian shepherd.

5)   I develop fictional character crushes probably faster than I actually read. Well, not really crushes, but I always need to pick a favourite person. It’s hard for me to be interested in a story if I don’t care for at least one character. There are some serious crushes though: Remus Lupin since I was maybe thirteen, Éomer from about the same time, and Jean Tannen for a couple of years now. There are a couple of them on my pending list, as they are fairly new to me and have yet to face the test of time: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, and William Dobson from Vanity Fair.

Then the questions Lynn wanted answers for:

1)   Who would you want to have dinner with most in the world?

This is tough one. Do dead people count? If so, it would have to be one of the wits I love so much, Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen. Or William Thackeray. They would all think me dull company and talk me into a corner in a matter of seconds, but boy, would it be worth it!

If dead people don’t count, then… Humm. Well. I wouldn’t say no to Ewan McGregor or Karl Urban. Or Benedict Cumberbatch. Or J.K. Rowling. Or Scott Lynch. Or Patrick Rothfuss. Or… Oh let’s face it, the list is neverending.

But I think my answer would be Quentin Tarantino. It would be absolutely fabulous to have dinner with him, and discuss films. He seems to have seen pretty much every movie ever, and gets so passionate about what he does it’s unbelievable. And it would be a perfect opportunity to suggest a possible movie for him to make…

2)   What is your favourite word?

I like all words that sound like the thing they’ve been assigned to. And of course words for things I like best. (‘Literature’ of the book related. Such a nice word!) Often it’s the connotations that make the word so appealing. (‘Officer’. Ahem.)

This is so tough. I can’t remember any of the words I usually find the best.

3)   If you could choose 5 songs that would be the songs to the soundtrack of your life, what would they be?

1 – This Is It by Goodnight Nurse. One of my favourite bands. This also reminds me a great deal of the awesome trip to New Zealand.

2 – One Short Day from the musical Wicked. I’ve dubbed it my London song.

3 – Survive by Rise Against. The band has slowly crept its way to being my favourite, and so it would be impossible not to have something of theirs on the list. This one works every time.

4 – Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Seriously, how is that not relevant to my life? B&B is my favourite Disney movie, I read…

5- Here I Am from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It’s a happy life, all in all.

(Bonus song: Nervous Breakdown, Rise Against’s cover. Theme song of the last six weeks, definitely!)

I was afraid this’d turn into a favourite songs top five list, but it didn’t!

4)   What is the word you hate the most?

Same problem as in number two. Can’t remember which ones I don’t like. I know there are words I loathe, but they refuse to surface now.

Instead, take a look at this Monty Python sketch. Liking and disliking words brought this to mind. I think it’s one of their best!

5)   If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

I’m operating with several languages with this question, but still can’t say for sure. I can remember a couple of names I would have loved to be called by when I was younger – Camilla, for example, or Valeria, which happens to be my second name. However, I’ve at the moment I prefer simple names, Jane, Emma, Isabella, Linda…

If I had to choose, I think I’d just drop one letter from my own name, turning Veera into Vera and so making it just a little more international.

Or I could just be Wil. That’d work, too.

I notice I’ve been wordy again. Oh well…

Because my tech skills are limited, I can’t figure out how to check which of the blogs I follow have a following of fewer than 200. So here goes just one nomination, because I think she really should answer the same questions as Lynn and I did! 😛

Central Neural Pathway – have fun with questions two and four, Kay!

Thanks again, Lynn! ❤



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3 responses to “Liebster’d!

  1. Ha, I love reading other people’s answers – it always makes me want to go back and change mine! I love the Hound – what a great character – not so sure about going to dinner with him though (I’m sure I could think of a different activity ahem!)
    I hadn’t realised you were into all the old tv detective series – you would probably love to have got involved with Carl’s RIP (Stainless Steel Droppings) – it’s not a challenge and you can read/watch as much or as little as you can find the time to fit in. There are loads of bloggers talking about detective/mystery books/films – you’d probably love it.
    Thanks for taking part and being so enthusiastic!
    Lynn 😀

    • Booky Pony

      Oh the Hound… I’ve liked him since book one, and Rory McCann definitely does him justice in the series! 😀
      Is this detective business still on? It might be a lot of fun!
      And not at all! ‘Tis a pleasure! ❤

  2. It’s not just detective business – it’s called R.I.P. (Readers Imbibing Peril) and it’s hosted annually at this time of year by Carl at Stainless Steel. You’d probably love it because it covers a few different book/film themes, dark fantasy, detective/mystery, horror, ghost, etc. This is the link
    there’s a sign up page and a review page – basically it’s up to you how many contributions you post but there is quite a bit of mystery/detective stuff on there which you might really enjoy!
    Lynn 😀

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