Lynchmob! Anything on this book?

I just got back from the bookstore, and I see they’ve stocked Rachel Aaron’s The Legend of Eli Monpress. Now, I’ve heard about it before, and I know it’s about a thief/thieves, and the cover looks really nice, and it has a little blurb saying “Fans of Scott Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora will be thrilled with Eli Monpress”, and so I am interested. I’m not too sure about the thief commanding magic though, and the glance I took at the innards, while not repellent, did not exactly impress, either.

So, dear Lynchmob – has anyone read this? Heard about it? Should I buy it? (It’s kind of a good bargain – the whole three-book omnibus for 15€.) Is it good? Is it crap?



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2 responses to “Lynchmob! Anything on this book?

  1. Kay

    You can check out the beginning of The Spirit Thief on Amazon, and Goodreads reviews tend towards 4, with most of the critique for the first book stemming from lack of character development and occasionally stiff dialogue. Then again, many admire the well thought-out spirit magic system, so I presume the author has spent a lot of time building her world (someone described it as fantasized France/Italy). Based on what I could glean from a quick look around, I’d advise you to approach with caution but with an open mind.

    … This quick judgment procided by Kay&theMerry, Inc. 😀

    • I don’t trust Goodreads – that’s why I’m asking people who have read Lynch and liked it and thus know partly what *I* like. 😀 Might be I’ll go buy it towards the end of the week anyway, just because Akateeminen has this paperback pass that gets you the 8th once for free! (And a 20% off all paperback fantasy!)

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